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One step away from the ‘B’: Corinthians fans sent funeral arrangements and coffins to the Gremio hotel

Brazilian soccer could have a historic decline this Sunday when they meet Guild and Corinthians by the date 37 of the Brasileirao. If those from Porto Alegre lose, they will automatically go to the ‘B’, and the fans of ‘Timao’ have not wanted to miss the opportunity to mock and play a heavy joke, practically sentencing and burying one of the most popular clubs in Brazil.

Through social networks, images of funeral wreaths and flower arrangements in Gremio’s colors have been made viral, which have been prepared by Corinthians fans, who have already prepared a whole party.

However, this not all. Within this heavy joke, the ‘Timao’ sent to the same hotel where Gremio concentrates coffins with the colors and shield of the ‘Tricolor’ team, decorated with the classic images of ghosts. The game, from now on, has all the ingredients to be one of the most ‘spicy’.

(Photo: Twitter)

Guild vs. Corinthians: the match preview

Despite the presence of important figures in the squad, those of Porto Alegre, under the orders of coach Vágner Mancini, are currently experiencing a period of terror, which could end with a painful decline. The irregularity they go through caused them to end up very relegated in the standings, although for now they are still alive.

The main mission of Guild It will be to reach location No. 16, which Cuiabá occupies with 43 points. The difference could only be cut with two games, which is why the ‘Tricolor Gaúcho’ cannot fail in this first test, given that with a defeat they will have consummated the fall to the second division.

For its part, Corinthians He has been more regular and he is sure to qualify for the Copa Libertadores 2022, at the moment in the group stage. Coach Sylvinho aspires to obtain the three points to secure the privilege zone, also considering that it will be the last time they play at home in the Brasileirao.

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