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Paid apps and games that are temporarily free on the App Store

The offers continue in the App Store, the store of the devices of Manzana. The platform has interesting offers and, as almost always happens on all platforms, the best apps cost money. However, there are dates when you can get paid services with just one click. Check the relationship we share before the promotion ends.

Unlike the free offers of google play in AndroidApp Store promotions Manzana they are more complicated to predict, because the company does not specify how long you will have access to the discount.

If you find an interesting app but can’t really use it right now, we recommend installing it anyway and then removing it from your computer. This will make the app part of the app library and you can reinstall it for free.

APPLES | free apps

  • Voice To Do ($0.99) – As the name suggests, create a to-do list by simply speaking it into your phone and setting reminders.
  • Continuing for Instagram ($7.99) – Record long videos for Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp stories, and automatically split them into 15-second segments like all the cool influencers do.
  • Pie Chart Maker ($0.99) – Quickly create simple pie charts on your iPhone or iPad. And then save, share or export them to your favorite app or social network.
  • Parkinson’s LifeKit ($14.99) : a registry app to track and monitor Parkinson’s, and potentially help the doctor adjust treatment.
  • Message Filter Pro ($0.99) – Set rules to filter spam SMS on your iPhone.
  • drink water ($3.99) – If you usually forget to drink water, have your phone nag you to drink the recommended amount daily.

APPLES | Free games

  • True Skate ($1.99) – Spin your way with realistic touch physics in a realistic skate park.
  • mind-wall ($0.99) : A fast-paced 3D arcade puzzle where you have to remove blocks from the wall to allow the shape to pass through it. Sounds simple, right?
  • Pre-K Preschool Learning Games ($6.99) : A selection of various mini-games to distract and teach young children, probably better than playing the same YouTube video over and over…
  • Painttiles ($2.99) – Clear levels by painting tiles and matching them while mastering other game elements such as bombs, tile dissolving and more.
  • bike hero ($1.99) – Don’t let the TempleRun icon fool you, Moto Hero is a physics-based platformer similar to Trials. Take the bike further by mastering the throttle and balance.

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