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Pedri promises the recovery of Barcelona: “We will become very strong”

He was announced as the winner of the Golden boy a few weeks ago, but it was only this Monday that Pedro González López, known in the sports world as Pedri, received his award at a gala in Turin. The Spanish, that is to say, was chosen as the best Under-21 player in Europe.

For the delivery, the athlete went with a delegation from the Barcelona to Italy and, after being recognized, expressed his emotion. “I am very happy to be here to receive the award like the other legends who have won it in the past. It’s wonderful to have won the same award as Messi, who for me is still the best in the world, it’s incredible ”, he pointed.

On the other hand, the 21-year-old player referred to the key that Barcelona will hold against Napoli, in the Europa League playoffs, after the Catalans cannot access the second round of the Champions League.

He is a difficult opponent, but there is no obstacle that cannot be overcome. It is a united and compact team, Fabián Ruiz also plays, who is a friend of mine “, he indicated.

Finally, Pedri downplayed the little auspicious test he had at Real Madrid and promised that the current team led by Xavi Hernández will recover.

“Did the audition go wrong with Real Madrid? Maybe, but Barcelona called me, the team of my dreams and I am delighted to play with them. They are the best team in the world and we have to prove it on the field. I am sure that we will become very strong on the field and we will take him to glory as he deserves “, he sentenced.

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