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“Perhaps he knows more than me”: Klopp responds to Pep after assuring that everyone wants the Liverpool champion

Manchester City Y Liverpool They continue to fight to find out who will be the champion of the present PremierLeague. Pep Guardiola’s squads are three points ahead of Jurgen Klopp’s and promise to have a heart-stopping definition this season. Everything will be defined in the coming weeks.

In a press conference, the Spanish coach assured that the majority of people in English territory want the ‘Reds’ to lift the championship trophy. “People want Liverpool to win more than us. They have more followers and in England they support him more, ”said the DT.

After Pep’s words, Klopp did not remain silent and, after being asked in the conversation with the press prior to the match against Aston Villa, he explained that perhaps the former Barcelona has more details than him.

“A lot of people here want us to win, but even here it’s 50%. As coaches, after a game we are obviously very influenced by games and situations.”began Jurgen.

Klopp made it clear that he has no idea if all of England wants them to win and left a little message for Pep: “Maybe he knows more than me”. “Why should we stop believing? We both have three games to play and my concern is how we can win ours.”, sentenced Klopp.

The City closed the arrival of Haaland

As reported ‘The Athletic‘, Haaland and Manchester City managed to reach an agreement, in the coming days it is expected that City will pay the fee to deactivate the exoneration clause of the striker’s contract and disburse between 75 and 90 million euros to acquire the footballer.

The aforementioned English medium explains that the transfer will not be closed until July 1, when, but this would only be a formality because there are legal issues that prohibit them, because the agreement will be completed in a matter of days.

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