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Phantom document: Cristiano could be interrogated for millionaire fraud of ‘Juve’

Investigations continue by the Turin Prosecutor’s Office towards the Juventus for accusations of tax fraud, and now everything points to a “mystery” that reaches the same Cristiano Ronaldo, who could even be called to testify because of a document that established the payments of the Portuguese footballer. The problem is that this document does not appear and what’s more, it possibly does not exist.

According to information from the Italian media ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport’, Prosecutors could call the now Manchester United forward to testify, if the now famous document does not appear.

The investigators learned of its existence thanks to the wiretaps between the manager Federico Cherubini and the lawyer Cesare Gabasio, especially to that phrase: “The famous document that should not exist theoretically”.

According to the investigation, the content of the document could be about “late payments of the player”, although what really matters to the Turin Prosecutor’s Office is how those amounts appeared in the Juventine balance sheet.

There is more of 280 million profit capital related to the sale of players that are considered unclear. Among those investigated is the leadership of the Juventus: from the president, Andrea Agnelli, to the vice president, the Czech Pavel nedved, until the previous sports director, Fabio Paratici, now at Tottenham.

They ask for relegation to Juventus B

The Italian Consumers Association (Codacons) asked that the Juventus he is sanctioned with a demotion and that the titles won are revoked in the event that the “very harsh accusations” of tax fraud and the issuance of false invoices in the sale of players are confirmed.

If the accusations are confirmed, the ‘bianconero’ club will have to descend and the last titles will have to be revoked. The lawful competition between clubs in the Italian Serie A was falsified, ”the Codacons reported in a statement. “As a form of protection towards the cheated fans, the Association presents an appeal to Antitrust (the organ that guarantees competition in Italy) and to the Public Prosecutor’s Office”He added.

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