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Pochettino, on the absence of Sergio Ramos against Bruges: “It is something planned”

After waiting several months to finally see her debut Sergio Ramos with the t-shirt of Paris Saint-Germain and, back on the pitch, it didn’t take long for him to be low again, this time for the duel against Witches by the last date of the Group Phase of the Champions League. Given this, the technician of the French cast, Mauricio Pochettino, calmed the fans that are annoyed by this situation. The DT revealed that the comings and goings with former Real Madrid are part of the plan carried out by the club.

“Within Sergio’s planning; Today -Monday 6 December-, it is the first time after the Saint-Étienne game that he can warm up and play a few rounds with the team. And then after an individual workout in the gym … That’s the forecast. We will see, in the next few days, its evolution. It is something planned. It is a continuity of the medical department and ‘performance’, assured the Argentine.

In relation to the duel against Bruges, the strategist analyzed the following: “It is a combative team, with a lot of energy and that has shown throughout the tournament that it has been difficult to beat. It will be difficult. They play for the Europa League and us, to improve many aspects of our game. It’s a perfect match for us to take it that way. “

And I add: “The competition between Keylor Navas and Gianluigi Donnarumma? The situation is a different situation in all those that you have lived before. It is a situation that does not repeat itself. We have two good goalkeepers. Our way of digesting it is like this. We think it is developing in a good way ”,

On the other hand, the coach was not only questioned by Sergio Ramos, but also by Marco Verratti, who is touched but could soon return to the pitch. “In principle, it is available and with good energy. If he is okay, he will play, although he is not someone I confirm ”, he claimed.

Pochettino, under pressure from these great absences from his squad and from the demand for the position of one of the most powerful teams in the European elite, mentioned that despite everything he is calm. “I feel good and I feel very calm because I feel the support of my players and I feel the support of a structure that knows what we are doing, that we are in a growth process where, in parallel, two things grow”, ended.

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