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Rain of millions: Miguel Borja, the second most expensive signing in history in Colombia

After having culminated a disappointing performance in the semifinal homers of the Clausura 2021 of the BetPlay League, Junior from Barranquilla He did not think twice and went with everything to hit the table in this transfer market. That is why hiring Miguel BorjaAfter his relegation in Brazil with the Gremio, it is so far the best move in Colombian soccer for 2022.

The forward’s link with the ‘Jaws’ was established for three years, obtaining 100% of his record. At first it was believed that Palmeiras, owner of his pass until a few days ago, had tried to keep 50% of it. However, the cast from Barranquilla made an extra effort to have all the rights of the ram.

Alejandro Char, one of the family members who owns the Junior and who will be running for the club’s presidency in the next elections, explained that the total cost of the transfer was very close to 3.5 million dollars. The idea they have is that, if they have a great season in 2022, they can sell it at a higher price if it appreciates in the market.

Reviewing the history of Colombian football, the arrival of Borja to the Barranquilla team is the second most expensive signing in history, only behind the hiring of Yimmi Chará in the 2017 season when they paid 4.5 million dollars to Monterrey de la Liga MX. Later Chará went to Atlético de Madrid and currently belongs to the Portland Timbers of the MLS.

Miguel Borja, the signing that Junior from Barranquilla needed so much

Welcome, crack. The best Christmas gift for the junior fans is the return of Miguel Borja. The team strengthens to reach the goals in 2022. Goals and joy to the fans!”, Alejandro Char published on his social networks a few days ago after Borja’s arrival in Barraquilla.

Atlético Nacional was another of the Colombian soccer clubs that tried to repatriate Miguel, however they failed to fulfill their salary claims or those of Palmeiras.

The idea of ​​Junior is to regain ground in the local tournament and not be relegated as in this season in which Deportivo Cali won the Clausura 2021 title. Likewise, to measure up in the South American Cup 2022 is another of the pending slogans and for that the incorporation of Borja will add a lot to the establishment.

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