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Real Madrid comes out with everything against ‘Aleti’: Ancelotti confirms news about Benzema and Bale

Carlo Ancelotti, just hours from Real Madrid vs. Atlético de Madrid, gave two pieces of news to the club’s fans: one good and the other surprising. The first has to do with the participation of Karim Benzema in the commitment this Sunday. The second is related to the situation of Gareth Bale shortly after the clash at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium (3:00 pm, in Peruvian time).

Last week, on a visit to Real Sociedad, the white ‘9’ left in the first half due to a physical discomfort that scared the Italian coach and the coaching staff. However, the first studies ruled out a tear that could take it away from the land for weeks. So the Frenchman did not appear against Inter Milan and thought about the traditional game.

After taking a break, carrying out specific tasks and returning to the group, ‘Carletto’ announced that Benzema will be with the team against the ‘Colchoneros’. “He has trained well, he has good feelings, he will be available, he will play”Said the experienced strategist on the case of the French gunner.

Gareth Bale has not played for Real Madrid since August 28. (Photo: EFE)

Right away, Ancelotti mentioned something important: “We have all trained”. Then, the questions related to the injured Dani Ceballos and Gareth Bale, who have not appeared in the calls for months, jumped. Regarding the former Betis and Arsenal, the coach indicated that “Will be next week”.

Regarding the Welshman, Carlo stated that “it’s fine. He is in the call and can play. I don’t know if he’s going to play from the beginning, but he’s ready to do it “. Then he highlighted the attitude of the Cardiff-born: “In general it is to show the desire to play, no matter how many minutes. This is seen in training. If it’s on the list it’s because Bale has it “.

In that sense, Ancelotti recognized the work of the medical staff and those in charge of the physical aspect because, in the face of an important string of matches and habitual injury cases (some more serious than others), the entire squad has always been in good condition to face all fronts.

“I want to value the work of the medical team and the trainers, having the entire squad ready at this point in the season is that they are doing a great job”, said Ancelotti after recovering Benzema and Bale for the derby with Atlético de Madrid; and add another ‘reinforcement’ in the following days with the presence of Dani Ceballos.

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