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Reprehensible: Brazilian club coach attacked a referee with a header and was fired

An unfortunate and reprehensible action in Brazilian football has become viral. Rafael Soriano was fired from the technical direction of Desportiva Ferroviaria, after headbutting the line judge of the match that the team played against Nova Venecia, for the quarterfinals of the Capixaba Championship, a regional tournament in the state of Espírito Santo.

The entity reported in a statement that, “Given what happened, the coach was dismissed from the club” and that “repudiates all and any type of violence, whether physical, verbal, moral or emotional, mainly against women”.

“We sympathize with the assistant referee Marcielly Netto and make ourselves available for whatever is necessary”added the club in the note.

The aggression, whose image has had a wide impact on social networks, occurred on the afternoon of recent Sunday in the small town of Nova Venecia and in which Desportivo Ferroviaria was eliminated by falling 3-1 against the Nova Venecia club, who advanced to the semifinals.

Dissatisfied with the referee’s decision to blow the whistle at the end of the first half when his team was about to take a corner kick, Soriano invaded the field along with several of his players to demand an explanation from referee Arthur Gomes Rabelo.

After the discussion with the referee and when he was about to leave the court, the coach headbutted the judge in the face, which earned him immediate expulsion.

“I had no idea of ​​all this repercussion. She didn’t expect. But it goes to show that we have strength. It is a case that, if there is no sanction, will continue to happen. I have my helplessness, that I can’t help but talk about it. Of course, I didn’t want to expose myself in such a way for a case like that. But as it happened, I prefer to use it in favor of women to represent a class and show the world that we can be anywhere “Netto declared about what happened, in dialogue with TV Gazeta Norte.

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