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Rodolfo De Paoli after the promotion of Barracas to the Argentine First Division: “We play to make history”

A day of emotions without hesitation in Argentina. Barracas Central won this Tuesday in the final for the second promotion to Quilmes by 5-4 on penalties, after drawing without goals in regulation time, and will play in the First Division next season. Faced with this important event, coach Rodolfo De Paoli overflowed with emotion.

Rodolfo De Paoli is known for being a rapporteur for the Argentine National Team and, now, as Barracas Central coach, he has managed to go down in the history of Argentine football. After the achievement obtained, he threw himself on the floor to cry with emotion and released the phrase “Nobody knows anything” (of his story “,” football is my life “, for TyC Sports. “Football is my life. At school he would take me until recess ”, he added.

Little by little, he controlled his emotion and began to offer his statements: “Sorry if I can’t speak clearly. I am moved by my life story and football. I’m still hot and try to be as measured as possible. They are the players who identified me the most, they are fragile like me when I was played and they worked to be solid. They were the most solid. They trusted me to death and this is theirs, I accompanied them and they allowed themselves to be accompanied ”.

“We play to make history, play to make history. believe it is possible. It gives me the feeling that if we don’t play like today, I wouldn’t sleep. Today at 90 ′ we gave another image and they gave what they trained in the year. We with San Telmo in the classic, the rival’s great team, we scored a goal with 20 touches to win it. We came here for football. There were penalties in a difficult match like with Quilmes. With Tigre we were the best ”, de Paoli pointed out.

After that, one of the Barracas Central players came to hug them. “I live dreaming and do you know how many times I dreamed the final with Tigre? Valenzuela came, he was decisive, grateful to him. He is a First Class player. To really think about the best future, you have to think about the here and now ”, expressed the Argentine after the emotion of Carlos Valenzuela.

“Ever since I played soccer and left soccer, I was surprisingly free from Chicago in 2000. I set out to be a coach to give the players what they gave me. I had the fortune to prepare myself and to be privileged to relate. He who does not know the story will not know if I am a rapporteur or a coach. My life is football. The people who consume this speaker cannot imagine who I am, football is my life and it makes me happy ”, Rodolfo specified with a smile and nervousness to be in the Argentine First Division.

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