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Santi Mina of Celta de Vigo, sentenced to four years in prison for sexual abuse

The Spanish striker Celta Vigo, Santi Mina, has been sentenced to four years in prison for a crime of sexual abuse of a woman, which occurred on June 18, 2017 in Mojácar (Almería). The Court of Almería absolves in its sentence the attacker of the Chacho Coudet group of the crime of sexual assault and exempts his friend, and also a footballer, David Goldar, from any criminal responsibility.

The court presided over by Judge Társila Martínez absolves Mina of the crime of sexual assault for which the prosecutor requested eight years in prison and the private prosecution nine and a half years in prison, convicting him of a crime of sexual abuse for which he also imposes a restraining order of 500 meters with respect to the victim for 12 years and the payment of compensation of 50,000 euros.

For his part, David Goldar has been acquitted of the crime of sexual assault charged only by the private prosecution, since the Prosecutor’s Office has not acted against him in the case, for which he also faced nine and a half years in prison.

The events, according to the Prosecutor’s Office, occurred in the early hours of June 18, 2017, when Santi Mina took advantage of the fact that his friend David Goldar had gone with a woman to the caravan he had parked near a Mojácar nightclub. to enter the vehicle and sexually abuse her.

Santi Mina, before entering the court to hear his sentence.

“Considering the same not adjusted to law and with important errors in the evaluation of the tests carried out and therefore of the events that occurred, (Mina’s legal representation) will proceed to file the corresponding appeal in the next few days”, have stated in a statement sent to EFE.

The soccer player’s lawyer, Fátima Magdalena Rodríguez, maintained during the last session of the hearing that the Celta player had the consent “at all times” of the woman who had denounced him for an alleged sexual assault and that, “in the worst cases”, there was an “error” on your part in this consent.

“If there was no consent, as the complainant affirms, of course, without a doubt, she did not know how to transmit it. Then, there was an error regarding the consent (…) It incurred a type error and this destroys the intent and the subjective typicity. If the fraud and the subjective typicity are destroyed, it should lead to acquittal”, manifested.

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