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Shortly before the end: Alexis Zapata scores 1-0 for Emelec over Barcelona SC


Emelec and Barcelona SC star this Wednesday in the Ecuadorian classic for the 2022 Pro League in a very close match. Both teams struggled to open the scoring, but the defenses were solid until the ‘Bombillo’ goal came.

Barcelona SC vs. Emelec: the previous

The so-called “Shipyard Classic” between Barcelona and Emelec, which should have been played last April, but was postponed until tomorrow, Wednesday, could be decisive in defining the first phase of the Ecuadorian soccer championship.

While Barcelona is in first place in the standings, with 25 points, Emelec is third, with 21 units. If Barcelona wins or draws, it would have taken a big step to win the first finalist ticket for this year’s title in Ecuador and first place in the group stage of the Copa Libertadores in 2023.

Emelec knows that Wednesday’s game will be the last opportunity to continue bidding for the pass granted by the organization of the local tournament, but if they win, it would also give life to other teams such as Independiente del Valle and Liga de Quito, which have with 23 and 22 points, respectively.



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