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So you can configure a smartphone so that older adults can use it easily

Every year cell phone companies launch new cell phones, so advanced that they even cause complications for young people when handling them. If this is a problem for them, you can imagine how difficult it can be for older adults to handle any of the devices latest generation (high-end); For this reason, today we will teach you a very useful trick that will help the elderly to adapt to the new smartphones.

It is a cell phone configuration especially for older adults, so simple that it will be very easy for them to make a call, send a text message, take a picture, view the images stored in the gallery, etc. The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis trick is to simplify the main functions of the phone as much as possible so that this age group can understand and manipulate the equipment without someone’s help, reported the technology portal Engadget Android.

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It is important to clarify that to perform this trick it is necessary to use launchers, what is this? They are applications that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, created to give the smartphone a much simpler appearance and with elements (icons) much larger than normal. For their part, the teams iPhone They have a native function to simplify the operation of the device.


  • There are many apps in the Play Store of Android, we will leave you a list with the best ones for you to choose to your liking: BaldPhone, BIG Launcher, Grand Launcher, Easy Mode Launcher, Senior Homescreen, Senior Safety Phone, Simple Launcher and Square Home Key.
  • When you finish installing any of the aforementioned launchers, open the application and click on the option that says: “Use (xxx) by default as desktop screen.” It can be a similar name since they are different apps.
  • Some applications show between 6 or 8 buttons with the main tools, which can be modified, but it is recommended to have the following: contacts, calls, WhatsApp, SMS text message, alarm, camera and images.


  • In this operating system it will not be necessary to install third-party applications, since ios It has a specific function for this.
  • First, enter the ‘Settings’ of the mobile.
  • Now, go to the option ‘Screen and brightness’, here change the size of the text to a larger one and activate the bold.
  • In the same section (Screen and brightness), enter ‘Viewing the Screen Zoom section’, to increase the size of the applications, so you will have fewer elements on the main screen.
  • Finally, drag the most important apps to the home screen.

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