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So you can control your Android mobile by making facial gestures

Today’s mobile phones are so advanced that you can even manipulate them without the need to touch the touch screen, it means that through certain voice commands you have the ability to give them an order, also making gestures with your hands and now last with the face. Would you like to control your smartphone by making gestures with your face? then we will teach you how to activate this tool on your device Android.

It is a function that works in tandem with the camera of your cell phone, but first you have to install the application Accessibility Suite Android‘, you find it and you can download it from the Google Play Store by clicking here. It is important to clarify that this trick only works in the twelfth version of the robot’s operating system (Android 12).

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In the aforementioned set of accessibility applications, you can find an option called ‘Camera Switches’, which you have to activate to follow a gesture customization guide, it means that you will decide which gesture will perform a certain action in Android. In addition, with the tool you can search for something on the internet, select applications or see the latest notifications that have reached your phone, reported Google.


  • After installing the app, enter the ‘Settings’ of the cell phone and press the ‘Accessibility’ section.
  • Now, tap on the option ‘Interaction controls’> ‘Accessibility with switches’.
  • Here you can choose up to three switches: ‘USB’, ‘Bluetooth’ or ‘Camera’, select the latter.
  • Ready, so far you have activated the Camera Switches function, what you have to do is configure the gestures.
  • After having selected the Camera Switch, the next thing to do is click on Configure this Android function, the app will ask you if you want to configure a single gesture or several.
  • We recommend the second because this way you will create two gestures, one to activate a certain action and another to deactivate it.
  • The facial gestures available are: open mouth, smile, raise eyebrows, look left, look right, and look up.
  • Meanwhile, the actions can be several, from pausing a video to opening applications.

Ready, so you will handle the cell phone without the need to touch the touch screen. This Android 12 tool is also very useful for those who have some kind of disability. If you want more detailed information about the use of ‘Camera Switches’ click here and follow the steps provided by Google’s help support.

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