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So you can download the Spider-Verse stickers for WhatsApp

The great premiere of Spider-Man No Way Home is approaching, the most anticipated film of 2021 that will be screened on December 15 in different cinemas around the world. Although the Spider-Verse is already 100% confirmed, the appearance of the American actors Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield has not yet been made official, however, fans of the arachnid remain hopeful of seeing them again on the big screen, this time helping Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. Would you like to get the Spider-Verse stickers to WhatsApp? here we will explain the steps.

If you already have your ticket ready for the premiere of the film, then also prepare the Spider-Verse sticker pack, so you can share them with your friends by WhatsApp before they go to the movie theater. In total there are 26 stickers and the complete pack has a weight of 513 KB, a considerable amount that any mobile phone could handle.

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  • Enter Google Play from your Android mobile, search and download the ‘Avengers Stickers’ application.
  • Open it and locate yourself in the ‘Spider-Man’ section.
  • You will be able to see in miniature all the stickers of the ‘Trepamuros’.
  • Scroll the space bar down until you find the option ‘Add to WhatsApp’, press it.
  • Here, the app will ask you if you want to add the stickers in WhatsApp, tap on ‘Add’.
  • Ready, enter WhatsApp and open any conversation, it can be personal or group.
  • Click on the happy face icon located in the lower left.
  • All your stickers will come out, find the one with the Spider-Man logo and share the stickers.

How to avoid spoilers on social media

  • First, install the app from Google Play Spoilers Blocker.
  • Now, open it and give it all the necessary permissions for it to operate.
  • The next step is to place the keywords of the film, for example for Spider-Man No Way Home you could be the same, or spiderman, spider-man, spider man, Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, Tom Holland, Peter Parker, etc.
  • Click on ‘Save’ and you’re done.

When you are browsing Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, any post that contains a keyword that you have placed, will be censored or covered with the notice “Spoiler Alert”. If you want to see the content, just press and hold on the lock to unlock it, although it is not recommended to do so. It is important to clarify that you will need Android 6 or higher versions to install the application.

Do you have any problem? Do you need to report it? If you have any kind of problem, then you should write to their contact email: [email protected] or [email protected] You can also make the same request from your iPhone.

Now, if you need to make a general query, you can fill in the form using this link. There you simply have to put your phone number, in addition to the code of your region, and then write your message after identifying yourself.

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