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So you can send WhatsApp messages with the “enter” key on the keyboard

Every time you enter a group or personal conversation from WhatsApp, in the lower right part you will see the microphone icon, the same one that you press for a few seconds to record a voice note, however, when you touch the text field it changes to the symbol of an airplane or arrow pointing towards the right, which is used to send the message you have composed. Did you know that you can also share messages with the “enter” key on the WhatsApp keyboard? From Mag we will teach you how to do it.

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When you enter the keyboard of WhatsApp you will see the numbers, the letters, the space bar, etc., also, a blue key that has an arrow pointing to the left inside, if you press it you will create a space so that the texts are not together . We will attach an example below.

In the message below, a space was created to separate texts. (Photo: GEC)

This key is called “Enter” and WhatsApp allows you to configure it so that instead of creating spaces it serves as a button to send messages. It is important to clarify that you will not have to install additional applications, since everything is within the settings.


  • First, make sure that WhatsApp have no pending updates on Android’s Google Play or iOS App Store.
  • Open the app and tap the three vertical dots icon in the top right on Android, or the gear icon on iOS (bottom right).
  • Here you enter the “Settings” or “Configurations”.
  • The next step is to tap on the “Chats” option.
  • Finally, activate the switch “Enter to send”, by default it will be off.

Ready, that would be all, it only remains to confirm the changes, to do this, write and try to send a message and instead of pressing the “send” button, touch the “enter” key to share your text. In case you want to deactivate the function, just turn off the “Enter to send” switch.

Why does a star appear next to my WhatsApp message?

  • If a star appeared out of nowhere next to your message from WhatsAppdon’t worry.
  • The first thing you should do is press the text in mention.
  • You will then see a status bar that sits on the chat header.
  • Finally, press on the crossed out star and that’s it, the symbol will disappear.
  • That means that at some point, when you didn’t realize it, you bookmarked a part of your conversation.
  • That way it will always be pinned to the top of the chat unless you turn it off.
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