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Spotify Wrapped 2021: How to View and Share Your Most Streamed Songs

Spotify is the app most downloaded in music category streaming, above applications such as Tidal, Apple Music and YouTube Music. Although people use it freely, the platform has launched its annual list of which were the songs and artists that you listened to the most in 2021.

Spotify Wrapped is the ranking in which you can not only see which songs you listened to the most during the last twelve months, but also the number of artists you discovered, the podcasts you listened to, the rhythms you liked the most and even the album you played the most.

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How to see your Spotify Wrapped 2021

Most likely, as soon as you open the Spotify app on your mobile device, a notice will appear that will give you the possibility to see the list of Spotify Wrapped 2021 generated exclusively for you. If that’s not the case, it can be accessed via the direct link to the Wrapped 2021 experience.

  • Go to this link from your mobile.
  • The Spotify application will open with the Wrapped 2021.
  • Play the Story with your best moments by clicking on the image marked with a “What have you been listening to in 2021?”.
Spotify Wrapped 2021 discovers your favorite songs. (Photo: Spotify)

You will be able to see the usage statistics of your Spotify account over the last twelve months in the form of Stories in the same style as Instagram, and on each slide you will see the option to share your stats with other people through apps like WhatsApp or Instagram.

It should be mentioned that Spotify Wrapped 2021 will be accessible throughout the next year 2022, and that it is available to both users premium as for those who use the app without paying.

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