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‘Stick’ for Pochettino: Messi’s environment makes him responsible for his poor performance at PSG

Lionel messi was pointed out by the French press after the 1-1 draw against Lens. Along the same lines, experts agree that the Argentine still does not show his best version since he signed for PSG. Is there a reason? Everything indicates that the decisions of Mauricio Pochettino are directly related to the modest performance of the former Barcelona.

According to information from the newspaper Le Parisien, the environment of the recent Ballon d’Or winner has expressed that they have doubts about the tactical plan used by the strategist. Since the beginning of the current season, the DT almost always had problems to properly position the number 30 in the attack front.

Before Leo Messi, Pochettino already had months working alongside Kylian Mbappé and Neymar. When he found the ideal formula to join the French and the Brazilian, the Argentine arrived from Barcelona. Then, the ex Tottenham had to find new solutions to obtain high yields of the trident baptized like MNM.

In addition to the ‘mess’ with Messi and his companions, ‘Poche’ still has not found the way with Marco Verratti, who usually provides balance to the team from the middle sector. Of course, the Italian was injured for much of the course. In addition, the best of Paris Saint Germain was seen from a 3-4-3 system, but it never starts like that and against Lens he applied it in the last 25 minutes.

DT without character

The stars gathered in the Park of the Princes seem to have surpassed Pochettino. As an example, last week there was a celebration for Messi’s triumph at the Ballon d’Or gala. The meeting took place just 48 hours after facing Nice in Ligue 1 and after that, the Argentine forward was not in good shape. conditions for that contest.

“When things go wrong, he lacks the character to reverse the situation”says the Le Parisien publication. “He has lost credit within the group for being more flexible on the account when perhaps he should have a stronger hand”, close the note on how the players look at the coach after the aforementioned incident.

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