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Suspensions continue in the Premier: Everton vs. Burnley will also not be played by COVID-19

The pandemic of coronavirus (COVID-19) it has not yet been controlled and one of the most affected countries is England. The Premier league It does not escape this situation, since the number of infections within the clubs is increasing and this problem has caused that several games cannot be played as scheduled.

Boxing Day will not be exempt from this circumstance and this Friday it was known that a third clash of the mythical day was suspended: Burnley vs. Everton will not be contested. The organization of the English championship was in charge of announcing the news through its official channels, revealing that it is due to the large number of casualties in the visiting team.

The Premier League Board has sadly approved this morning Everton’s request to postpone their Boxing Day departure date at Burnley on Turf Moor from Sunday 26 December”, It was possible to read in one of the paragraphs of the official document.

In the same way, the authorities of the English league indicated that the squad of ‘The Toffees’ not only has several infected by COVID-19, but also has an extensive list of injured. Remember that the rules indicate that a club can only have activity if it has 14 qualified players (13 on the field and an extra goalkeeper).

Indeed, Rafa Benítez, Everton coach, had expressed his regret for the current situation of his team and revealed that the leadership presented the suspension request to the Premier, which was finally accepted. “We have six injured athletes and five with coronavirus, I think it is not fair. My main goal was to have 11 players who can compete in the correct positions against Burnley. We only have nine footballers and three goalkeepers”, Assured the DT a day before.

What matches have been suspended by COVID-19 in the Premier League?

On Boxing Day, for matchday 19 of the Premier League, Liverpool vs. Leeds, Wolverhampton vs. Watford and Burnley vs. Everton were suspended due to COVID-19; while on date 18 six games were not played: Aston Villa vs. Burnley, Manchester United vs. Brighton, Southampton vs. Brentford, Watford vs. Crystal Palace, West Ham vs. Norwich and Everton vs. Leicester.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that Tottenham vs. Brighton, Brentford vs. Manchester United, Burnley vs. Watford and Leicester vs. Tottenham were the other clashes that were not disputed either due to the outbreak of coronavirus infections in the previous weeks.

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