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The best Android apps in 2021 according to Google

We already started December and Google has shared the selection of the best applications for the Android operating system, be they tools, services or video games, of 2021. We will tell you which ones they are in case you dare to download them and have a real experience of what Google Play offers.

The categories of applications Google They are divided into “Best application of the year”, “Users’ choice”, “Best essential apps for day to day”, “Best applications to do good”, among others.

Below we share the winners with the corresponding link so that you can download these applications and try for yourself so much quality that it has marked 2021.

Best app of 2021:

The choice of users:

Best essential apps for everyday life:

Best apps for doing good:

Best apps for fun:

Best Hidden Gems:

Best apps for personal growth:

Best apps for tablets:

Best Wear OS apps:

Most popular apps on Google TV:

ANDROID | The best games of 2021

Best game of the year:

The choice of users:

Best competitive games:

Best innovative games:

Best Simple Dynamics Games:

Best indies games:

Best games for tablets:

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