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The guide to find out if a WhatsApp screenshot is fake or created

From any smartphone with Android or iOS operating system, you can take a screenshot in different ways, the best known is by simultaneously pressing the physical buttons for low volume and on or off; however, on many occasions these screenshots are not usually real, but created for the benefit of some user, so today we will teach you how to identify a fake screenshot of WhatsApp. Take note.

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Create a fake screenshot of WhatsApp It is very easy, the difficult thing is to identify if this is real, since there is a web page called “Fake detail”, which allows you to create conversations between two people, you can even add the WhatsApp profile picture of a contact, his name, his connection status, the texts he has “written” and “replied”, the time the message was sent and even the one seen as: the plumb checkmark, two plumb checkmarks and the double blue checkmark.

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Although the conversations on a fake screenshot seem authentic, the truth is that there are some details that can reveal that it is 100% fake.

  • If the screenshot of WhatsApp It has the time of the mobile, it means with the time that appears in the upper menu, make sure that it coincides with the time the message was sent.
  • Suddenly, that person did not notice the synchronization of the time when creating the screenshot, for example: it is 2:00 pm and the message sent marks 6:00 pm, so it is false.
  • Also, the time must always have am or pm separated by a space. The fake screenshots set the time in the following ways: am, pm, am, pm, am, and pm.
  • Check if there is any watermark on the image, since the pages or apps that create screenshots leave their stamp, unless you purchase the premium version.
  • If the resolution of the image is very low, start to suspect, normally the screenshots have a good resolution and could only be pixelated if you zoom in.
  • version of WhatsAppif the contact who sends you the screenshot has an iOS mobile and shares an Android-style screenshot, then it is false.
  • Finally, ask if the capture is real, if it says yes, then tell it to send you another one immediately with the current time, if it takes a while it’s because it’s creating it.

How to know how many times a contact has seen my WhatsApp status

  • First, you have to install WhatsApp Plus, although it is your own responsibility to do so, since it is an “Unofficial” app, according to the Meta company.
  • After getting it, open the app and register your phone number as in WhatsApp official.
  • Then post a status and wait a few minutes or hours for people to see your stories.
  • Go to the “Status” > “My Status” tab.
  • Here, tap on the eye icon at the bottom to see all the contacts who have viewed your stories.
  • Finally, click on the check button that appears next to each person to see the number of times they have checked your status.
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