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The guide to posting a TikTok video with the famous “crying face” filter

TikTok It is one of the social networks with the greatest reach, because a user with zero followers can get millions of views in a matter of hours, as long as their content is surprising and well filtered. In recent weeks, a new trend has been going viral for the aforementioned application, which consists of putting a crying filter on your friends or family while they are laughing, without a doubt it causes a very funny effect. Do you want to know how to post a TikTok video with the filter called “crying”? From Mag we will explain all the details.

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It is important to clarify that you cannot find this filter directly from TikTok, Instagram or Messenger, there are similar ones but they do not come close to the effect that appears in the videos viralized by the different social networks. The filter “crying” or crying in Spanish, is exclusive to Snapchat, a messaging app with multimedia support and augmented reality.

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  • First, go to the Android Google Play Store or iOS App Store and download Snapchat.
  • By the way, confirm that TikTok have no pending updates. It should be noted that not all mobiles are compatible with Snapchat filters, since some can only be used on high-end mobiles.
  • Now, open Snapchat, sign in if you have an account, otherwise sign in with your phone number or email.
  • Grant all the necessary permissions to the application, don’t worry, it’s totally safe.
  • Now, the app’s camera will open, click on the magnifying glass icon located at the top left.
  • Here you type and search for “Crying”, it is also likely to be in the “Popular” section. The filter icon is a white crying face, click on it.
  • The camera will open again with the included effect, press the filter button and you will start recording.
  • At the bottom left, click on the “Save” button.
  • Finally, the video will be stored in the image gallery and the only thing left to do is to upload the same to TikTok like “Reel” or “History”, it’s your choice.

The requirements that TikTok asks you to verify your account with the blue check

  • Have a large number of followers, between 500 thousand and more.
  • Constant growth of followers, at least 500 to 5000 daily.
  • View growth and viewing time.
  • Having activity and not leaving it inactive for more than 6 months means that you must upload content continuously.
  • Coverage in the media such as: TV, radio, internet, etc., although it is not an essential requirement, it will help a lot so that TikTok give you the verification badge.
  • Viral content.
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