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The images that outrage the fans: Casemiro ‘playing’ with the referee to ‘push’ and laugh

Casemiro He has always been a controversial footballer on the field because he often uses aggressiveness to recover the ball. Many times, this aggressiveness is translated into excessive force and he commits infractions that, for many, should be punished by the referees, but they let him pass because “it’s about him”.

last weekend, real Madrid tied 1-1 against Cadiz in the New Mirandilla and the Brazilian became one of the protagonists of the match, but not because of some divided play with a rival, but because of the images in which he is shown ‘playing’ with the match judge.

The Twitter user, Abraham Medina Salas, shared the video in which the complicity between the two characters is observed before the meeting begins. “I have always been very respectful of what I publish on my networks, but: What do you expect from Mateu Lahoz?”, the man began.

A total of 7 yellow cards against and a tragic end to the match, with a possible penalty (not reviewed) that could be worth a permanence”, writes Abraham Medina Salas accompanying the images that quickly became viral.

The anger in networks was not only born from the followers of Cádiz but also from many other teams. The fact that Lahoz made the corridor for Real Madrid along with Cádiz before the start of the match for the penultimate day of LaLiga Santander was also criticized.

Real Madrid is already thinking about the Champions League

The advance of the last day of LaLiga for Real Madrid, already champion, thanks to the fact that Betis will no longer play for a place in the next edition of the Champions League, will allow Carlo Ancelotti’s team eight days to prepare for the final on 28 May against Liverpool in Paris.

Sevilla’s draw at the Wanda Metropolitano on Sunday in the penultimate round of LaLiga Santander meant that Real Betis, despite their victory against Granada, ran out of options to fight for fourth place in the last league chapter.

In this way, LaLiga has removed from the group of matches on Sunday the match between Real Madrid and Betis at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium, to advance it two days to Friday (9:00 p.m.), and increase the rest of Ancelotti’s team before the final of ‘Champions’.

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