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The mixture of Ronaldo and Ibrahimovic and depression: Adriano’s transformation that Javier Zanetti could not fight

About 16 years ago, the international press focused all its attention on the A series and he was already talking about a new Ronaldo. It was a Brazilian striker with a superhuman physique, who dominated a deadly left foot and his own technique. Played in the Inter de Milan and his name was Adriano Leite, a football star that everyone came to nickname as ‘The Emperor’. However, his football career was not regular, since it was tamed in 2006, just after the death of his father.

This mortal blow left him touched and sunk, to such an extent that in 2017, Javier Zanetti came out to the front and revealed unpublished details of the life of the former footballer ‘Nerazzurri’. Many media recovered the story of Adriano’s decline, after the Argentine assured that his greatest defeat is “Not having been able to save” to his friend, something he tried with all his might when they shared a dressing room in the Italian team.

“Just when he arrived at Inter he scored an incredible goal in a friendly against Real Madrid. Then I realized that he could be the new Ronaldo. He had it all: physique, talent and speed”Mentioned the ‘Pupi’.

And I add: “Adriano came from the favelas and that scared me. He knew the problems that having a lot of money can cause in people who had lived in situations of poverty. For this reason, every day after training I wanted to know what he was going to do or if he was planning to go out at night, because I was worried that he might have a problem ”.

The biggest hit of his career

As reported Tutto Mercato, the ‘Pupi’ was in front when the life of his former partner changed abruptly: “Adriano’s father was the one who held the line. However, at the beginning of the season (2006), something unexpected happened. He received a call from Brazil and was told that his father had passed away. That is something that can change you forever ”.

“When he got the phone call about his father’s death, we were in the room. He picked up the phone and began to scream in a way that no one can imagine. It still makes me shudder ”, revealed.

At that moment, the Argentine felt closer to the Brazilian and began to take care of him. “From that day on, Massimo Moratti and I have treated him like a younger brother. He continued to play soccer, scoring and dedicating his goals to his father by pointing to the sky. But after that phone call, nothing was the same as before ”, he asserted. However, he admitted that they were unable to save him: “We couldn’t get him out of the depression tunnel and that was my biggest loss, I felt powerless.”

The mix of Ronaldo and Zlatan

At Inter Milan, everyone was convinced of the great soccer qualities that Adriano had, to the point of thinking that he would be as good as Ronaldo, whom they considered his heir. “One night, Iván Córdoba shared a room with him and told him that he was a mix between Ronaldo and Zlatan Ibrahimovic and asked him if he knew that he would become the best in the world. When he scored that goal for Real Madrid, I told myself that we had found the new Ronaldo ”, ended.

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