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The networks burn: the forceful message of Cristiano that questions Messi’s Ballon d’Or

The controversy has been served since before Lionel messi conquer his seventh Golden Ball. The Portuguese had already exploded against the magazine ‘France Football’ and its editor-in-chief, who had said that the only ambition of Cristiano Ronaldo It was to win more awards than Rosario. ‘CR7 ′ spoke of sportsmanship and fair play in an Instagram message, but also through this social network, he has rekindled the fire of controversy with a clear and direct comment.

The Instagram account dedicated to the Portuguese ‘cr7.o_lendario’, was shown in a publication strongly against Messi being the winner of the Golden Ball, and defended his position that the just winner was Christian, of which they highlighted their achievements in the year.

So far there was no surprise, in the case of a fan account. However, the ‘bombshell’ fell with a comment from the Manchester United player himself, who not only was in favor of the publication with his ‘like’, but with what he released: “Facts” (‘Facts’ in Spanish) and with two emojis: the one with two eyes and the one with a thumb up.

What they say in the ‘post’

And who is the award for? For Messi, who only won the Copa del Rey for Barcelona, ​​he has not scored a goal against Real Madrid since Cristiano left, he disappeared in the big games of the season, he won the Copa América that was supposed to be every four years and practically now it is every year. He did not score in the final or the semi-final. And he has had a weak season with PSG individually”, Assures a part of the publication.

For Cristiano to win this award it has to be 300% indisputable. With Messi it is the other way around. You can make a discreet season, far below, they will always find a way to favor you and give you the prize. Theft. Shame. Simply unfortunate. Who saw, saw. Anyone with enough intelligence knows who really deserves it. Receiving prizes without earning them is false happiness, without pride. Regardless of these awards, CR7 will always be the best ever!”, Close the text of the user @ cr7.0_lendario on Instagram.

(Photo: Instagram ‘cr7.o_lendario’)

If he Golden Ball what raised Messi Monday has generated controversy in different soccer personalities, the reaction of Christian It has been the ‘cherry’ on a cake full of criticism of Leo. Although the truth is that the Portuguese did not even enter the podium.

Cristiano Ronaldo He was ranked sixth in the nominees for the best footballer of the year and, as expected, he did not like it at all. The last time that ‘CR7’ was not part of the ‘top 3’ was the 2010 edition, the year in which Lionel messi he surpassed his then Barcelona teammates, Andrés Iniesta and Xavi Hernández.

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