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The networks only talk about this: Ramos’ gesture after Messi’s goal in PSG training [VIDEO]

If it would be necessary to define Sergio Ramos in soccer, probably two traits would jump above all: his leadership and vehemence. The latter took its toll on Wednesday, when he saw two yellow cards in four minutes and suffered his first expulsion in France with the PSG. However, being a leader comes naturally to him. The captaincy is in his blood and he let it be noticed with his own Lionel messi.

In the last session of Pochettino’s painting, before the break for the Christmas holidays, the Parisians put together a ‘little party’ of practice in which Bouquets and Rosario were part of the same team.

In one of the plays, Messi He took the ball, faced and defined with his left foot in a sensational way. As he usually does. But what drew attention and is what is most talked about on social networks, the reaction of the former Real Madrid captain.

Sergio Ramos went to hug Leo, who was celebrating with Di María for both and immediately, called the rest of his teammates, making gestures of union with his arms and asking to make a ‘fist’. An authentic gesture of leadership that comes naturally to the Spanish.

“He thought he was in Madrid”

Ramos, who entered the second half of the game, saw yellows in the 81st and 85th minute and had to go to the dressing room, when PSG was still behind on the scoreboard. The main French media has had no mercy on the Spanish defender.

When you are not injured, you are suspended”, Says ‘RMC Sport’, while ‘Le Parisien’ marks it in the headline of the chronicle:“Sergio Ramos derails”.

Adding that: “Being able to play a second game in a row was not reason enough to rejoice: unable to use his resume to stop rivals, he was sent off for the first time in Paris. His first part of the season is to forget”.

Although the hardest stick for the camero came from ‘L’Équipe’, who stressed that the defender believes that he is still in Spain. “Ramos tried to give verticality to PSG’s attacks. He did not resign, but he still thought that he was being refereed as in Real Madrid, being warned twice (minute 81 and minute 85), which earned him the expulsion”.

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