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The new Porsche 911 GT3 with Touring package is presented in Peru

Puristic and light: this is the 911 GT3 with Touring package that Porsche presented to the press today at the Porsche Center Lima. It is a high-performance sports car that does not flaunt its 510 hp (375 kW) and prefers to be discreet. To give attendees an idea of ​​the dynamic capabilities of this vehicle, a competition was organized in the Porsche simulator, which served to award a prize to the person with the best time.

This 911 GT3 only weighs 1,418 kilograms and has a six-speed GT manual gearbox as standard. For the first time, the Touring package can also be combined with the 7-speed PDK dual-clutch automatic transmission at no additional cost.

“The new 911 GT3 is a car that we will see many times in the different activities that we organize at the La Chutana racetrack or on the road,” said Gonzalo Flechelle, Manager of Porsche Peru. “But we will not be surprised when we see it entering a shopping center or stopped at a traffic light, because it is also a vehicle that can be driven on a daily basis.”

The most obvious difference on the exterior of this sports car is the absence of the fixed rear spoiler from the 911 GT3. However, the necessary downforce at high speeds is guaranteed by a spoiler that deploys automatically. This element provides greater discretion, as do the silver-colored trims made of high-gloss anodized aluminum, which are present on the window frames and give a distinctive air to the sides of the vehicle. The front is fully painted in body color and the interior, upholstered in black leather, is particularly elegant and offers an exclusive configuration for the GT3 with Touring package. The dash and the top of the inner door panels feature a raised surface.

The name ‘Touring’ dates back to an equipment variant of the 911 Carrera RS from 1973. Already at that time, the focus was on the purist design of the 911 and classic elements for the interior. Porsche rescued this idea in 2017 and once again offered a Touring version in the 911 GT3 of the generation prior to the current one (991). Since then, this equipment package has appealed to sports car lovers who seek, above all else, to enjoy driving in the traditional style and without attracting attention.

Performance and discretion: exterior and interior details

An element that distinguishes this version is the emblem ‘GT3 Touring’ that is located on the grille of the rear hood. Both the window trims and the sports tailpipe outlets are silver. As an option, these parts can be painted in glossy satin black, as well as the headlights tinted in black.

In the 911 GT3 with Touring Package, there is a classic air inside, with black leather as a prominent element, which covers the steering wheel, the gear selector, the center console cover, the armrests and the straps to close the doors. , among other elements. The color black is present on the roof and on the seats partially upholstered in leather, with the central sections in black cloth. These seats have stitching in the same tone and the headrests feature the Porsche Crest in relief. The door sill protectors and the decorative trim on the dash and center console are made of brushed black aluminum.

Porsche also offers virtually all of the optional equipment of the 911 GT3 in conjunction with the Touring package. This includes exterior and wheel colors, LED headlights with Porsche Dynamic Light System and with Porsche Dynamic Light System Plus, driver assistance systems, PCCB ceramic brakes, front axle lift system, all seat variants , the Chrono package and different audio equipment.

Porsche Design Chronograph

Porsche Design Chronograph. (Photo: Porsche)

For its part, Porsche Design offers a very special watch for customers of the 911 GT3 with Touring package. It is a chronograph with a flyback function, whose rotor evokes the design of the vehicle’s rims. It is available in six versions, corresponding to different configurations of the 911. The metallic agate gray dial bezel inherits this color from the car’s bodywork. The dial itself features a matte black finish, while the luminous yellow hands match the color of the rev counter. The watch strap is made with the leather used in the car and includes the engraving ‘GT3’, as well as a decorative stitching with the same black thread that is used as a contrast element inside the vehicle. The chronograph is produced in the company’s Swiss watchmaking factory and is a piece reserved exclusively for vehicle owners.

Racing experience: the Porsche 911 GT3

Racing experience: the Porsche 911 GT3.  (Photo: Porsche)
Racing experience: the Porsche 911 GT3. (Photo: Porsche)

With the seventh generation of the 911 – fourth generation of the GT3 model – Porsche transferred motorsport technology to a series production model more systematically than ever before: for example, the independent double-wishbone front suspension and the striking rear diffuser come from of the successful 911 RSR GT. The six-cylinder boxer engine with 3,996 cc and 510 hp (375 kW) is derived from the one used in the 911 GT3 R, extensively tested in endurance racing.

Despite the widened body, larger wheels and additional technology, the new GT3 scores the same figures on the scale as its predecessor. It weighs 1,418 kg with the manual gearbox and 1,435 kg with the PDK transmission. Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) bonnet, lightweight glass windows, forged alloy wheels or lightweight sports exhaust help keep the overall weight down.

Racing genetics are present in virtually every detail of the new 911 GT3. For the first time, the driver has a view of the circuit instrumentation. At the touch of a button, digital displays to the left and right of the central rev counter boil your information down to the essentials: tire and oil pressure, oil and coolant temperature, and fuel level. To do this, the 911 GT3 features a quick-access switch on the steering wheel that makes it easy to switch between Normal, Sport and Track modes. These modes are customizable.

The new GT3 with Touring package has an entry price of US$229,000 in Peru. For information on specific equipment and price please contact your nearest Porsche Center. Fans can also customize the GT3 with Touring Package of their dreams at the Local Porsche Car Configurator.

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