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The trick to fix applications on your Android mobile

Android It is a mobile operating system developed by the technology giant Google, as it is considered one of the best mobile software, because it offers you a range of tools that most users still do not know. One of them is the function that allows you to set your favorite applications, in this way you will have them at your fingertips at any time, do you want to know how to do it? we will explain it below.

All users have a group of favorite applications that they use on a daily basis, however, they always resort to the search bar of the cell phone to locate them, this is over, since there is a simple trick that will fix on the home screen of the smartphone all the applications you want, thus allowing you to access the apps of Android faster and easier.

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  • First, press and hold the application you want to pin.
  • Then, several icons will be displayed, press the one that has the shape of a pushpin.
  • The pinned app will automatically appear at the bottom of the home screen and will not move at all.

Ready, if you want to remove an application that you have pinned from this place, simply press the icon of the app again and then the pin. Remember that you can only set up to 5 applications maximum, although the option is compatible with all.

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