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The trick to save fuel in your car with Google Maps

Apple’s Android and iOS users consider Google maps as one of the best guides when you don’t know how to get to a certain place, because this application not only shows you different routes if you are traveling on foot, but also when traveling by car, motorcycle, bicycle or bus. In addition, it has an interesting tool to save fuel, do you want to try it? then we will give you the details.

This is a native function of Google maps, it means that to use it it will not be necessary to download additional applications from Google Play or the App Store. Basically, the platform shows you the shortest paths or routes, with the aim that you get to your destination quickly and without spending a lot of fuel.

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  • First, make sure Google maps have no pending updates.
  • Now, open the app and in the search bar at the top, enter the address of your destination.
  • Then, press the Directions icon, you find it below.
  • Up choose if you travel by vehicle or motorcycle.
  • The app will automatically show you the distance in kilometers that you are going to travel and how long you are going to arrive.
  • Additionally, there will be an icon of a green leaf, if you touch it the app will show you a much shorter route and the approximate amount of fuel that you are going to use from your starting point to your destination point.

How to locate a parked car with Google Maps

  • Open the app on the map, press and hold on the exact place where you are leaving the vehicle until the red pin icon appears.
  • At the bottom you will see the ‘Bookmark’ section, slide it up to see more options.
  • The next thing is to click on the ‘Label’ section, add a name to the new label, we recommend the following: “Vehicle parking”.
  • Finally, tap on ‘Add tag’.

Ready, when you want to find your vehicle just go to the ‘Saved’ section located at the bottom, click on the tag you saved and finally click on ‘Directions’ so that Google maps start guiding you.

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