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The trick to turn on the flashlight of your Android mobile by shaking the equipment

The mobile operating system developed by the technology giant Google, we refer to Android, has implemented a tool that Motorola cell phones already had, it is the ‘Rapid flashlight’ function, which you can activate by just shaking your device a couple of times, Do you want to know how to configure your smartphone to enable this option? then we will show you the steps.

If you do not have a Motorola cell phone, do not worry, since the same function reached other brands such as: Samsung, Xiaomi, Sony, etc., devices that also have an operating system AndroidHowever, the difference is that on these devices it will be necessary to download an application from the Google Play Store to activate the ‘Quick Flashlight’.

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It is about the application ‘Shake light‘, available only in the Google Play Store, to get it quickly click on the following link. In addition, it is important to clarify that this app is capable of detecting when the smartphone is in your pocket, so when running or exercising, the flashlight will not turn on and therefore it will not consume the mobile battery.


  • After installing the application in Android you have to open it.
  • It will not ask you for additional permissions so that it can operate.
  • On the main screen you will see the icon of a power button, if you touch it, the flashlight will turn on.
  • What you are looking for is the option that is located at the bottom of this button, as there is a section that says: ‘Turn on when shaking’, activate it.
  • On the upper right side you can see the icon of a cogwheel (Gear), press it to set the function.
  • Here you can modify the sensitivity of the flashlight to adjust it to your strength or preference when shaking the smartphone Android.

Ready, finally exit the application and shake the mobile to turn on the flashlight. This tool is very important when you suddenly run out of light and see nothing in the dark, likewise, when an unwanted event occurs that causes serious material damage and affects the electrical energy in your area.

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