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“They criticize when we win and triple if we lose”: Carlos Zambrano, uncomfortable with the Argentine press

Boca Juniors he got to the quarterfinals of the Professional League Cup, under the guidance of coach Sebastián Battaglia. However, despite the good results, the club has not stopped receiving criticism from the Argentine press and Carlos Zambrano He referred to it, revealing that he is surprised by the comments against ‘Xeneize’.

It is uncomfortable. The most logical thing is that it bothers you. If I tell you no, it would be lying to you; but practically we have already become accustomed and adapted, because this does not happen only now, they have been coming for years. If the results are not given, one always hears negative things”, explained the defender in an interview for IP Noticias.

The defender, in turn, indicated that “a few times I turn on the TV to watch something and when we win, I hear criticism. When we lose, there is triple criticism. The truth is, I am very surprised by the way in which the press handles itself against Boca Juniors”.

In the same way, Carlos Zambrano He stressed that the main topic in the sports journalistic field is the current situation of ‘Xeneize’. “They talk a lot more. I think that on TV, on various channels, they refer to Boca for 20 hours, River Plate for two hours and another team for two hours.”, Said the experienced footballer.

I say all this as an example, because all Argentine clubs are very good. As I mentioned, it is something that does not come from now, but from many years ago. It is something normal and does not depend on us”, sentenced the ‘Lion’ regarding the subject.

Finally, the Peruvian defender confessed that there is a detail that he does not like when meeting Boca Juniors fans. “When I go out, I talk about my case, in most restaurants that you go, they hardly charge you. They invite you food and it really bothers me”, asserted the player.

If they invite you once, that’s fine, but sometimes I avoid going to different food places or ask for delivery, so I can pay for what I consume. Those gestures of people are nice and with any of my colleagues the same can happen. But afterwards, what surprised me the most about the club was the fans, the stands, the stadium. It is a dream to have arrived here”, he concluded Carlos Zambrano.

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