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“They have called me a murderer”: DJ Fer Palacio answers criticism for Messi’s COVID

The positive of Lionel Messi for coronavirus It has caused great surprise around the world and all kinds of reactions on social networks. One of the most controversial are those that directly point to the popular Argentine DJ Fer Palacio as the person responsible for the contagion of Rosario. The musical artist, who was with Leo at his Christmas party, defended himself from criticism and claims not to have infected the forward of the PSG.

I just woke up, they sent me a lot of messages and I am trending on Twitter because Messi tested positive for COVID and they relate it to the fact that I infected it”, He began by declaring Fer Palace.

The artist assured that it is impossible that he has transmitted the virus to the soccer player of the PSG, because it was negative in a PCR test. “They have even called me a murderer for messages. Yesterday I did a study because tomorrow I have to travel to Uruguay and I do not have COVID“Concluded the DJ.

Speculation about Fer Palacio as the person responsible for Leo’s COVID began when the DJ attended the Coscu Army Awards, an event of the streamer Martín Pérez Disalvo, better known as Coscu. The streamer told on social networks that there were several cases of coronavirus and, days later, Fer Palacio was with Messi.

So much Messi like his wife Antonela They had been very active in the last days of 2021. In fact, they were seen at family parties that included musical shows, like the one given by the famous cumbia band Los Palmeras.

Pochettino and a ‘pull of the ears’

We have been with the virus for almost two years, we know what to avoid so as not to get infected ”, He said Pochettino, which later recognized that “Even so we can get infected”. The strategist, now, will have to make modifications for Monday’s duel for the Coupe de France.

Leo Messi is in constant contact with our medical service and when he tests negative he will travel to France, until now we do not know more than that“Added the Argentine coach.

It was expected that Messi will arrive this Sunday in Paris. And although he was not going to be taken into account for the match against Vannes, he was expected to be present next Sunday when PSG visit Olympique de Lyon, for Ligue 1.

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