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This is how the selected Gonzalo Plata left the taxi that crashed at night in Spain

Gonzalo silver, a member of the first campus of Valladolid and member of the Ecuador selection, was the protagonist of a traffic accident in Spain. Fortunately, there were no fatalities, but there were injuries; in addition to material damage. A few hours after the scandal involving the Ecuadorian player, one of the most affected spoke: Victor Calvo, the taxi driver.

In a talk with Radio Marca, the 41-year-old man recalled what happened moments before the collision: “I saw the nose of the white Mercedes, which was coming super fast and I already knew it was going to hit me”. Then, after the crash, Calvo only thought about the woman who was going as a passenger and whom he had picked up minutes before.

I could only ask the girl how she was. It was very cold, I was wearing short sleeves because I always go in the car like that, with the heating “, he narrated. The taxi driver, with 23 years in this profession, also felt great concern about the consequences of this type of incident. However, he received encouraging news.

“There is a witness who I also asked about what had happened. I was worried about how he was going to show that I had passed in green and he in red. The girl told me that she saw that she was going over 85 an hour and that she had run the traffic light. That put me at ease “added Victor, who acknowledged that he has been very lucky after the accident.

We have been very lucky. The impact is on the door behind me. If that impact hits me at the door, I don’t know what would have happened. And if the girl climbs in the other door and not diagonally to me … either. The impact was brutal. The boy came very fast and did not stop. I have been rebornhe admitted.

This is how he left the car of the taxi driver, the soccer player Gonzalo Plata. (Photo: Agencies)

He spoke with the Ecuadorian soccer player

Víctor Calvo had a brief contact with Gonzalo Plata. In the first instance, the Spanish club apologized to the driver, then interceded for the Ecuadorian to chat with the man, who refused to listen to the athlete. “Yesterday they called me from Real Valladolid and they apologized. They told me the boy wanted to talk to me. I didn’t really want to, but I talked to him and just told him that it can’t be done. It does not belong to me to give him a reprimand “, he sentenced.

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