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This is the list with the most popular trends of TikTok Mexico during 2021

The video entertainment platform that in just five years has become the most downloaded application in the world, we refer to TikTok, currently exceeds the exorbitant figure of one billion users and its success is estimated to continue to rise. As is a custom for each end of the year, the aforementioned app of Chinese origin has published a list with the most popular trends of 2021 in Mexico. Do you want to know what they are? Here we will tell.

TikTok celebrates the end of the year parties showing the most important trends of their community in Mexico, who discovered different ways to express their creativity in the following categories: ‘The most outstanding sports’, ‘Favorites for you’, ‘The most cheerful’ and ‘In retrospect’.

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The most outstanding sports

  • @mercedesroa – Newbie in soccer? She teaches you the best plays.
  • @diosdadojuarez – Parkour is a discipline. Do you dare?
  • @ Canvas_time10 – A well-rented horse, a little bit of brake is enough for him.
  • @leobarstarzz – A routine with a lot of rhythm, you can do it too.
  • @leobarstarzz – A routine with a lot of rhythm, you can do it too.
  • @chabewhite – Don’t worry, there are millions of waves out there.

Favorites for you

  • @danivallem – The best way to start a Monday at the office.
  • @ karla.bustillos – Who to choose? Who else will we spoil!
  • @loricuasoi – A makeup tutorial with all the attitude.
  • @domelipa – Introducing Pana Rabbit, the fluffy best friend.
  • @ alvaroalvarez.m – When you don’t like something, but you love it!

The happiest

  • @dimesolocesar – Nothing like self-love, but … will it make you hurracarrana?
  • @karenbarreraoficial – Discovered playing at dawn Ah! It’s just dad …
  • @marioaguilar – Mom is always right!
  • @somosfamiliapeluda – When you are a slave to your own cat.
  • @xkarentorresx – Humor and lots of fun showing off your singing skills.

In retrospect

  • @autosymas – Nothing better than remembering the old days with your children.
  • @magicphotofilm – Digital or analog photo? Better a mix.
  • @lindafelixr – Rock & Roll will never go out of style.
  • @pongamoslo_a_pricación – Old school gaming in the best cell phone case
  • @ daniel.marcial22 – Undertale Musical challenge accomplished!

“(…) In Mexico, we have seen trends begin and spread through Para Ti feeds, from soccer to wrestling and #AprendeEnTikTok. We are honored to see how much joy our community has brought us this year, and we are excited to experience more incredible moments as we continue this journey together. “, he maintained through his account Twitter Eridany Vázquez de la Cerda, Sports & Entertainment Content Partnerships at TikTok.

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