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TikTok: discover what you need for the app to verify your account

Currently, there are several social networks that are still in force, likewise, many false accounts have been created on the aforementioned platforms that place the name of famous people and even that of their own friends, this with the aim of supplanting their identity; For this reason, Twitter was the first application that implemented account verification, an authentication mechanism so that users know that this profile really belongs to a certain celebrity. Years later, Facebook and Instagram added the same thing, so this time we will explain the necessary requirements to verify your account. TikTok.

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How do you know if an account TikTok is it verified? It’s simple, in the search bar of the application look for the user’s name and next to it you will see the check icon enclosed in a blue circle, however, obtaining this authentication is not easy at all, in fact there are a series of requirements that you must meet for TikTok to validate it.

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  • Have a large number of followers, between 500 thousand and more.
  • Constant growth of followers, at least 500 to 5000 daily.
  • View growth and viewing time.
  • Having activity and not leaving it inactive for more than 6 months means that you must upload content continuously.
  • Coverage in the media such as: TV, radio, internet, etc., although it is not an essential requirement, it will help a lot so that TikTok give you the verification badge.
  • Viral content.

How to request verification on TikTok

It is important to clarify that unlike Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, in TikTok It will not be you who asks the application to verify your personal account, it means that the same platform of Chinese origin will evaluate if you meet the aforementioned requirements and based on this, it will automatically award you the blue badge.

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