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To take his hat off: Asensio and his great goal for Real Madrid’s 2-0 vs. Inter [VIDEO]

Marco Asensio made the thousands of fans of Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabéu. Of course, if the Spanish showed off with a spectacular goal to sign the 2-0 over Inter Milan, within the framework of date 6 of Group D of the Champions League.

At minute 34 of the second half, Asensio did not think twice when he had enough space to try the goal. He settled for his left foot and the footballer shot towards the post furthest from the goal of Samir Handanovic, who was left without reaction.

In this way, Asensio scored his first goal of the season in the Champions League. In addition, the 25-year-old athlete once again inflated rival networks, after four matches. Real Madrid reached this commitment, after beating Real Sociedad (2-0) in the Spanish league, in which it is a comfortable leader. While in the Champions League, the team led by Carlo Ancelotti had twelve points, the result of four victories and just one defeat.

“It is a prestigious match. We play against a team that is doing very well, playing football well. We play first place, in our stadium and in front of our fans. It will be interesting”Ancelotti declared on the eve of the meeting.

For its part, Inter, in their last league appearance, thrashed (3-0) Rome at the Olympic Stadium. And in the European competition, the Italian team occupied the second box behind Madrid, with ten units.

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