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“Today a new stage begins”: Xavi after the elimination of Barcelona from the Champions League

The football present of Barcelona He was not one of the best and the 2021-22 season is going in the worst way: the ‘Azulgranas’ were eliminated from the Champions League in the group stage, after being thrashed by Bayern Munich. After consummating the result, Xavi Hernandez, coach of the Spanish team, spoke at a press conference and assured that they will seek to change things immediately.

I have said that a new stage is beginning for the club, a new era. There are many things to change. We have to demand more of ourselves. Barcelona cannot be in this situation, many circumstances have made us here, but now I feel very responsible “, were the first words of the technician before the media.

I am the club’s coach, I feel responsible and this cannot happen. In addition, I have told the players that I feel this shield and Barça cannot be in this situation. You have to change things, start today to work hard to change them“Added the former player.

We must demand much more from ourselves, we cannot be in the Europa League, we have to be in the Champions League. We are going to try to work from today to get ahead and put Barcelona where it deserves”, Highlighted Xavi Hernández, making it clear that they will seek to win in all the remaining competitions.

Finally, he referred to the opaque level that the team showed, also highlighting the rival. “We have tried to dominate the game and we tried to press high. We wanted to be protagonists with the ball, but in the end Bayern Munich is a great team, currently they are better than Barcelona and we have to accept it”, He assured.

It is a severe defeat that eliminates us from the Champions League and tells us that reality is very harsh, but we must continue. Today a new stage begins. You have to change several things, compete with more demand and more appropriate love”, Declared Xavi Hernández.

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