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Trick to know where your friends’ WhatsApp photos are saved

are you to use WhatsApp even to make calls to your friends? There are many people who communicate only through the mobile application since they find it easy and fast to use. However, it has a series of details that few dare to tell.

But sometimes we want to keep a photo of WhatsApp. Do you really know where they are kept? Well, in MAG they tell you. Remember that it is not necessary to have to download any third-party application.

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  • The first thing will be to enter the files of your Android cell phone.
  • Then you should go to the search bar.
  • There you must write WhatsApp.
This way you can find all the files and photos that are sent to you on WhatsApp. (Photo: MAG – Rommel Yupanqui)
  • In that section enter Media and then Images.
  • There you will see all the photos you have received from your friends, but also the ones you have sent.
  • You can do this method also on the computer.
  • Remember that you do not have to install any application that asks you to enter your WhatsApp contacts or personal information.
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