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Tuchel on the exclusion of Lukaku for the match against Liverpool: “We will clarify it behind closed doors”

The technical director of Chelsea, Thomas Tuchel, decided to exclude Romelu lukaku from the call for the match against Liverpool, which finally finished 2-2 in a match valid for the Premier League. According to the media ‘The Athletic’, the ‘Blues’ coach did not consider the Belgian forward, after the controversial statements in which he expressed being uncomfortable in the team.

After the end of the match against the ‘Reds’, the German strategist avoided commenting on his decision and stressed that he will talk with the footballer tomorrow. In the same way, he stressed that everything will be handled internally.

“There is a meeting on Monday. It is not the first time something like this has happened in my career. He is our player, there is always a way back, we will clarify it behind closed doors “, Tuchel explained to Sky Sports.

What exactly did Lukaku say?

A few days ago, the Belgian national team striker expressed his dissatisfaction with the new system that the coach has implemented in the team. “I am not happy with the situation, that is normal. I think the coach (Thomas Tuchel) chose to play with another drawing, the only thing I can do is not give up and continue being a professional. I am a worker and I am not going to throw in the towel ”, stated for Sky Sports.

In addition, he expressed his wishes to return to the ‘Negriazules’ of Serie A. “(My game) It shouldn’t have happened that way and I’m sorry for the fans. It was not the moment. I have Inter in my heart and I hope to play there again. I want from the bottom of my heart to return to Inter. I don’t want to do it at the end of my career, but when I am still at the highest level “,

After those words, Tuchel was uncomfortable. “We don’t like it, of course. It brings a noise that we do not need and does not help “, he mentioned to journalists before the game against Liverpool. “We do not want to give it more importance than it really has”, added the German coach.

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