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Two different philosophies of life: Guardiola and ‘Gabigol’ and their opinion about holidays on vacation

We are about to end the year and different leagues in the world are in their final phase. Given this, different personalities such as Pep Guardiola Y Gabriel Barbosa, better known as ‘Gabigol’, have come out to give their opinions on how to face the holidays in the career of a footballer. Of course, both have totally opposite ideas, since the Spanish coach considers that the players should be careful and stay at home longer. While that of Flamengo ensures that this break is to be enjoyed to the fullest. His statements have already gone viral on social networks.

“On vacation they know to be careful and stay home as much as possible. When they go out, they must respect social distance and wear a mask “The current Manchester City manager mentioned a few weeks ago.

It is necessary to mention that Guardiola is one of the strictest strategists in the Premier League. Many times there are more sacrifices on their campuses than people might think. For example, different English media assure that the DT imposed a food plan from his arrival at the Etihad Stadium, in order to get his squad in shape and thus stay at the top of the English tournament.

The opposite is the case with Gabigol, who has been enjoying his vacation in his own way. Flamengo, his team, finished in second place in the Brasileirao and in the Copa Libertadores, where they fell to Palmeiras. Now, without any competition, the footballer understood that the time had come to rest.

However, the footballer has been widely questioned for his actions during the break, so he has come out to respond with a phrase without mincing words. “Holidays are the time to get shitty”, he sentenced to make it clear that he can enjoy his rest.

Criticism from fans was not long in coming, but Barbosa took it upon himself to answer them on Podpah, a Brazilian podcast. “Tomorrow it will be in the media, they always say something about me. But I’m on vacation, I was the king of America and every year I am the top scorer for Brazil. Yeah I drink my whiskey, yeah I listen to my rap I’m on vacation. In January I will train to be a champion and be the top scorer again ”, assured.

It should be noted that both personalities have had successes in their careers. On the Brazilian side, he was able to get the long-awaited Copa Libertadores in 2019, defeating River Plate. Guardiola, for his part, was also part of the best team in history, his Barcelona, ​​which managed to win the sextete.

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