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Unacceptable: Nice ultras mocked the death of Emiliano Sala with an offensive chant

The match between Nice Y Saint-Etiennewho fight for a European cup and to continue in the Ligue 1, respectively, was overshadowed by the attitude of the local ultras. About the ninth minute of the first half, the ‘Les Aiglons’ barristas released a song in which they mocked the death of Argentine Emiliano Sala, who wore the Nantes shirt in France.

“Emiliano Sala is an Argentine who does not swim well… He is underwater”, expressed the most radical supporters of Nice from the stands of the colossus. It is believed that the people of Nice took up this very sensitive issue as revenge for losing the French Cup grand final to Nantes last Saturday.

Emiliano Sala, 28, lost his life at the beginning of 2019 when he was on board a private plane bound for Wales (United Kingdom), after signing for Cardiff. The small plane in which the player was traveling crashed in the English Channel on January 21, 2019, under adverse weather conditions.

Nice’s reaction

nice sentenced “with the greatest firmness” this Wednesday the humiliating chant of his fans towards Emiliano Sala. “The OGC Nice strongly condemns the chant related to Emiliano Sala heard this Wednesday at the Allianz Riviera”declared the club from the south of France in a statement, after Saint-Etienne’s 4-2 victory.

“The club does not recognize their values ​​or those of the entire red and black family in this unthinkable and abject provocation of a minority of its fans,” continued the club, providing its “support for the family and intimates of Emiliano Sala”.

Nice coach Christophe Galtier also showed his rejection of the performance of his team’s fans.

“I have no words to qualify what we have heard. You can hear a lot of things in a football stadium. But that, where did insults against a deceased footballer come from. (…) Let them stay at home with their bottles and their insults”said the technician.

“If this is our society, we are in shit. On behalf of my players, the coaching staff, the doctor, I apologize to Emiliano Sala’s family and FC Nantes.”Galtier added.

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