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Unsustainable: fans entered the field and rioted at Lyon vs. Paris FC [VIDEO]

Never ending. The match for the 32nd Final of the French Cup between Paris FC vs. Lyon, played at the Charléty Stadium in Paris, was interrupted by incidents in the stands shortly after the second half began. During the break, the fans of the visiting team threw several flares at the fans of the rival team and members of security. Two tear gas bombs also exploded.

Upon witnessing such events, the police rushed to the scene to try to defuse the problems. However, the situation worsened even more, as the spectators entered the middle of the field to move away on the scene of the incidents, preventing the resumption of the duel.

It should be noted that, minutes later, the authorities were able to calm the situation on the pitch. The Lyon fans returned to their seats, as did those of Paris FC. Of course, the referees met with those in charge of the match to determine whether the match will continue or not.

France strengthens security measures in stadiums after incidents

After the unfortunate events that took place in the last days in France, the tournament managers have decided to take severe measures in case this type of event occurs again. Due to this, it has been decided that if any player or referee is injured by a projectile thrown from the stands, all games will be immediately suspended.

The measure, announced by the ministries of Sports, Interior and Justice, respond to a series of incidents in stadiums during this season. It was also agreed to ban the sale and use of plastic bottles from next July.

It is necessary to mention that these new rules were taken urgently after the suspension of the duel between Lyon vs. Marseille in November. During the match, a fan threw a bottle of water, which hit him in the head at the wheel of Marseille, Dimitri Payet.

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