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Unusual: Cristiano was injured in the ‘Siuh’ and would not play this Sunday at Old Trafford

Cristiano Ronaldo returned to fulfill a fantastic performance with the Manchester United last Thursday. The veteran forward scored two goals against Arsenal, ensured the victory of his own and reached 801 goals in his career. However, not everything is happiness for the former Real Madrid and Juventus footballer as his effusive celebrations ended up hurting him. According to information from the English newspaper The Sun, the Funchal’s ‘Siuuu’ ended up with a knee injury. Such an annoyance would leave him out of the game against Crystal palace this Sunday at Old Trafford.

The injury to one of Cristiano Ronaldo’s knees would have occurred in the second goal against the ‘Gunners’ (70 ′). The Portuguese made a bad move in the jump and ended up affected. Despite this, the experienced Portuguese striker kept running and was only substituted in the 88th minute.

The aforementioned source reveals that Cristiano Ronaldo’s injury could leave him out of the match against Crystal Palace and he would only return for the closing of the group stage of the Champions League this Wednesday against the Swiss Young Boys at Old Trafford.

Thus, Ralf Rangnick, United’s brand new coach, would be left without one of their best players, of whom he said in his presentation: “I have never seen a player so fit. He remains a footballer who can easily make a difference. Yesterday I saw Cristiano press, so I think he is more than willing to do it. His teammates will have to do the same “he added.

The Portuguese reached the figure of 801 goals in his sports career this Thursday with the two he scored against Arsenal. However, the role that Cristiano will play at Manchester United with Rangnick, a coach who intends to instill a system of pressure that involves the whole team, is an uncertainty.

“You have to adapt to the players you have available”, said the German, who offered his first press conference as a coach for the ‘Red Devils’ on Friday.

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