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Uruguay gets strong and reactivates the Marcelo Gallardo plan in Qualifying

Marcelo gallardo won the Argentine Professional League title with River Plate, amid the rumors that place him as a potential coach of the Uruguayan team. Shortly after closing the season, the only clear thing is that the DT has a signed contract with the ‘Millionaires’ until the end of 2021 and then everything is pure unknown regarding his future as a coach.

Precisely, the members of the Uruguayan Football Association (AUF) cling to that small possibility to name the ‘Doll’ as a replacement for the historic Oscar Washington Tabárez. In this sense, Jorge Casales, director of the Uruguayan entity, confirmed that the option of ‘Napoleón’ is in force.

“Gallardo is not ruled out”, said the member of the high command of the AUF. Then, the manager added: “Our interlocutors handle us that they have not yet defined what option they want to take. We are waiting to meet him. If we talk to Marcelo, we convince him, expressed in a chat with Sport890.

Along the same lines, Casales mentioned the issue of deadlines to reach an agreement. “As I say this, I say that the times of negotiation are not handled by Gallardo. Option one is it, but we have to define it as soon as possible. We cannot spend more than next week to define it, “he said.

Likewise, the Uruguayan leader made a clarification on the conversations with the people of the ‘Muñeco’ and some details that they request to approach a deal. “The AUF cannot assume certain costs and we made that clear from the beginning with the Gallardo environment”, he indicated in the interview.

On the other hand, Casales remarked that, although Gallardo is number one, within the board there is still no consensus for another alternative for the position left by ‘Maestro’ Tabárez. There is no 100% proven candidate. We are handling some names and there has to be an organic decision of the executive, which has not yet been, Hill.

The Uruguayan team cannot waste any more time because the resumption of the Qualifiers to Qatar 2022 are around the corner. In the absence of confirmation, the celestial cast will collide on January 27 with Paraguay in Asunción. Then, on February 1, the ‘charrúa’ box will face Venezuela in Montevideo.

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