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“We do not want people to shut up”: Mexican Federation analyzes measures before homophobic cry

The Mexican team will have to play their next home matches for the Qualifiers heading to Qatar 2022 no audience. The repeated homophobic screams in the last double date of October, generated that FIFA sanction the federation with a significant financial fine. Managers are already beginning to analyze new options to stop it.

This would not be the first that the high command of Mexican soccer has tried to eradicate this discriminatory act; However, Yon de Luisa, president of the FMF, assures that the fans have already understood the message and will continue to support El Tri without the chants.

It is a difficult job, we knew it since we started. We have relied a lot from Concacaf and FIFA, we knew that changing these types of habits is complicated, and we have to do it because of other types of habits”, The president began in conversation with Marca Claro.

“We do not want people to shut up in the stadium, we want them to shout something else and support our team, if there is a difficult issue in the game that they continue to support without discriminating or belittling the rival or the referee”, he sentenced.

In June, FIFA sanctioned the FMF with a two-game ban without an audience and a financial fine of 60,000 Swiss francs due to the controversial shout that was heard during the Concacaf qualifying tournament for the Olympic games. Subsequently, the veto was reduced to a match that was fulfilled in September.

The Mexican fans shout “ehhhhh p ***”When the goalkeepers of the rival teams clear the ball during the matches played by the“ Tri ”.

“When the sanctions reach us, they reach us because we reached step number one of the protocol, we did not reach three and that is why we are fighting in the appeals commission. We understand that there is still more to do ”, added De Luisa.

The FPF already appealed to the sanction imposed by FIFA in October, but they still have not received any kind of response. It is expected that the two matches that were imposed on them by the discriminatory act could be reduced in the next round of elimination.

For the games at the Azteca stadium next year, new measures are coming, we will have identification of the people who enter, reduce the ability to have control. We are going to make people have fun and forget the need to act in a discriminatory way. The national team needs the support of their fans”, Concluded Yon de Luisa.

In the next double date of the Concacaf Qualifiers heading to Qatar 2022, Mexico will face Jamaica on a visit and then host Costa Rica at the Azteca Stadium.

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