emojis for New Year’s greetings 

WhatsApp stores more than three thousand emoticons on its platform, however, each of them were created to be sent in certain situations

emojis for New Year’s greetings

if you are talking about love, the ideal would be to share the red heart icon, some use other colors such as yellow, but this represents an affection of friendship

Because we are about to receive the New Year 2022, today we will show you which are the emoticons that you should necessarily add to your WhatsApp greetings, we will also explain their meanings

some use the red heart to express love to their relatives, others the one with the beer mugs to celebrate the beginning of the year with a toast, etc

however, there are two emojis of WhatsApp that were specially created to ship on January 1 at 12:00 am, these are the ‘Fireworks’ and ‘Bengal’ emoticons.


the fireworks icon is shown as a large explosion of light of different colors that shines in the night sky, this emoji can be used for any celebration


It is also considered a firework but not lethal, since you can manipulate it with your hand by lighting it at one end and holding it at the other.


It is shown in a luminous yellow color and throwing sparks, that is why in different Latin American countries it is known as ‘Chispita mariposa’.

send the same message to several contacts

First, make sure WhatsApp does not have pending updates in the Google Play Store or App Store.

send the same message to several contacts

Then, open the app and press the icon with three vertical dots that are located in the upper right corner.

Here several options will be displayed, you have to choose ‘New broadcast

The list of your contacts will automatically appear, select everyone you want to send the same message for New Year 2022.

The next step is to touch the check that is in the lower right.

Finally, WhatsApp will create a chat with all the members, each one will receive that greeting through their personal chat.

The same will happen if they respond, it will be sent to your personal conversation with that person. In case you leave the “group” chat, nobody will know it only you and later you can delete it.

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