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West Ham does not want to spend the same shame as Barcelona: the plan that vetoes the Germans

FC Barcelona experienced a shameful moment in the game that left it out of the Europa League. Not only because they lost at the hands of Eintracht Frankfurt, but also because they witnessed a massive turnout from visiting fans. Nearly 30,000 Germans filled the Camp Nou stands, revealing the club’s organizational problems, a situation they don’t want to repeat at West Ham United, precisely the Teutonic team’s rival in the semifinals of UEFA’s second most important competition.

In a statement that it has issued on its social networks, the Premier League team has announced that it will not sell tickets to Eintracht Frankfurt fans for the match on Thursday, April 28 at the London Stadium. Not even one.

The leadership of the ‘Hammer’ team does not want, not even remotely, to expose itself to a German invasion like the one that occurred a few days ago at the Camp Nou. And among the serious measures is that of suspending until 2023 the partner who resells his tickets for the followers of the visit.

“The West Ham United supporters have been the cornerstone of our dream run in the UEFA Europa League this season. Unfortunately, fans who live in Germany and who have not previously purchased tickets for other matches will not be able to attend the match.” published by the club

the background

Following UEFA regulations, Barcelona sent the German club the 5,000 tickets that corresponded to 5% of the capacity of the Camp Nou. Eintracht received more requests than available tickets to attend the match and a ‘tide’ of fans traveled to Barcelona theoretically without tickets.

Given the massive presence of German fans in Barcelona, ​​the entity closed the sale of tickets at the Camp Nou box office last Wednesday to prevent rival fans from buying them. But the Barça temple was finally filled with Eintracht fans, between 25,000 and 27,000 of the total of 79,468 spectators who attended the game.

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