What is BlablaCar and how the application works


BlaBlaCar (Android | iOS | Web) is an application for the search for hitchhikers and bus trips. Hitchhikers are offered by the community itself, with a time and place of departure determined by the driver, places are reserved through the app, and payment is made directly between passenger and driver.

The application brings several advantages for passengers, such as the flexibility of schedules and the possibility of finding last minute vacancies, in addition to offering rides with lower values ​​than bus tickets. For drivers, it is advantageous to share the travel costs, in addition to offering companionship during the journey in a safe process for both sides.

BlaBlaCar: how it works

Hitchhiking search example (Image: André Magalhães / Screenshot)

First, you need to create a registration on the platform and confirm a document – BlaBlaCar accepts ID, passport or CNH. Registered users have the options to offer and search for rides. To offer, it is necessary to inform the car model, places of departure and arrival, as well as the date and time of the trip. Passengers look for trips by informing the date and places of departure and arrival. The app search shows the main rides and bus trips in the time range, in addition to the respective values.

When you find a ride, the next step is to reserve the spot. After confirming the reservation, the passenger must follow the present information about the trip and move to the place of departure at the agreed time. The app offers an internal chat to contact the driver, in addition to providing the cell phone of both. At the end of the trip, payment is made with money directly to the offerer.

Information made available in a ride (Image: André Magalhães / Screenshot)

To increase the safety of drivers and passengers, BlaBlaCar offers an evaluation system. Everyone involved in a trip can be evaluated by others, which increases the transparency of information. In case of any problem, it is possible to report and report by the app itself.

BlaBlaCar: prices

Example of pricing by the application (Image: André Magalhães / Screenshot)

There is no fixed amount per trip at BlaBlaCar: the application itself calculates a value per person considering the places of departure and arrival, in addition to expenses such as tolls and fuel. This bill divides the total amount, which would be paid only by the driver, among the other people who travel. Although the platform offers a recommended value, drivers can change it if they prefer. Because of this, rides with the same route may have different prices.

If the passenger chooses to travel by bus with a bus company, BlaBlaCar provides a payment page, which can be done by credit card. In this case, there is a service charge.

Source: BlaBlaCar


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