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What was ‘Kun’ doing while Barza was eliminated from the Champions League? New controversy in Spain

It is not yet known what the future of Sergio Aguero in FC Barcelona. The striker was diagnosed in November with a heart arrhythmia that could lead him away from football completely. The former Manchester City is awaiting new results to find out more about his physical condition.

While waiting for good news, the ‘Kun’ is enjoying a few days off in Dubai; However, this would have seriously annoyed the fans of the Barça team, because while he is having fun, they suffer.

Barcelona was eliminated from the Champions League last Wednesday at the hands of Bayern Munich. The Bavarian team thrashed 3-0 at those led by Xavi Hernández and left them out of the top European competition in the group stage.

The annoyance of the fans happens because in the minutes in which the game was developed at the Allianz Arena, Agüero shared images of his vacation in Dubai with luxury cars on social networks.

The Argentine’s wife, Sofía Calzeti, did not stop uploading videos and stories to Instagram of the vehicles they tested. Agüero drove more than one expensive car and then they uploaded a photo with the final one: “The chosen one. Bugatti”.

At the moment, Agüero cannot make any physical effort. From what you know, because of my situation I have to be unemployed, I have a test in January. For now I can’t do anything. I’m going to try to do some jogging, but very calm to see what is up. For now, I can’t do much more than be freaked out“He said in a live on the Twitch platform and after being consulted by his followers about his ailment.

In the middle of a transmission on the aforementioned platform in the Esports World Cup where his cast participates, he added: “I’m not going to talk much about this topic, I’m just going to enjoy Krü’s (his team) game and nothing more than that. Thanks for banking me”.

Although it transpired in Spain that the footballer was going to hold a conference to announce his retirement, in the end this did not happen.

Sergio Agüero enjoys a few days off in Dubai. (Image: Instagram)

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