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WhatsApp and the steps to transfer your conversations to WhatsApp Plus 18.50

Do you no longer want to use WhatsApp and you want to pass your conversations to WhatsApp Plus 18.50? Many people want to move their chats, as well as photos and videos, to the APK that is being a success in the world, but they do not know how.

That is why today we will teach you all the steps so that you do not fail in the attempt to rescue your conversations from WhatsApp and keep chatting normally in WhatsApp Plus 18.50. So get to work.

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  • The first thing will be back up your WhatsApp conversations.
  • To do this go to Settings and then click on bill.
  • At that moment, click on Chats.
  • You must choose that you want to make a backup your WhatsApp conversations.
  • Now go to the internal storage folder of your smartphone.
  • In that instant you should look for the WhatsApp folder.
  • Copy and paste it in the main part of your files.
Remember that before importing all your WhatsApp conversations to WhatsApp Plus you must make a backup. (Photo: MAG)
  • At that time create a new folder in main part of files.
  • You shall call her WhatsApp Plus.
  • Now enter the WhatsApp folder and copy all the files and paste them into the WhatsApp Plus folder.
  • Now delete the WhatsApp folder and then completely remove the WhatsApp application.
  • At that moment download WhatsApp Plus 18.50.
  • Open the app and after verifying your cell phone number, WhatsApp Plus will inform you that there is a backup on your cell phone and if you want to restore it.
  • Click on “Ok” and with that you can have all your conversations that you had on WhatsApp, but now on WhatsApp Plus 18.50
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